• The Art of Planted Aquarium – Hannover 25 – 27 January 2013

      Oliver Knott took part also this year to the contest, held in Hannover - Germany, where more than 30 aquascapers have created aquatic landscapes where plants and decorations were the leading element subjected to the judgment of the international jury. Year after year the competition has increased the number of participants and also the level of originality and creativity of aquascapers has improved. The quality of the plants, their colours and their sizes have been expertly blended ...

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  • Aquascaping Event – Göteborg/Hisingen Svezia

    Aquascaping Event presso  Hornbach in Göteborg/Hisingen Svezia sponsored by ANUBIAS. Christian Brams, Swedish aquascaper together with the aquarium staff of the ...

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