• Oliver Knott

    Linea in Vitro by Anubias    The new Linea Tube by Anubias   Linea Cups from Anubias introduce by Oliver Knott     Iwagumi for beginners by Oliver Knott    

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  • In Vitro plants

    In vitro aquascaping: be different Tissue culture (T/C) is a way to obtain perfect, sterile clones of a plant thanks to in vitro conditions, from a very small piece of a mother plant. Since 2009, Anubias company is the leader of T/C aquarium plants, with the largest assortments of species available on the market, now offered in three distinct lines of products: Linea cup, Linea Tube ...

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  • New line “Tube”

    Life and color for the aquarium an aquarium rich in colours, thank to the so-colled stem plants,is the goal of the enthusiast. Unfotunately, many beautiful plants arerarely available on the market, because their cultivation is very difficult for the Companies specialized in aquatic plants. Linea Tube by Anubias is a new in-vitro line conceived to solve this problem, in order to supply at the enthusiasts beautiful but rare plants: they grow under sterile conditions, which guarantee ...

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  • New line “Carpet”

    Linea Carpet of Anubias, few minutes and...the carpet!! A lush carpet of plants in the foreground of the tank is a dream for many enthusiast, but this can remain a mirage for most of them because of the lack of time. Linea Carpet by Anubias simplifies everything: the ready-to-use, sterile mats of plants and mosses can be placed directly into the tanks, realizing in few minutes a perfect carpet of plants. The ...

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  • Company profile

    Company profile The Company Anubias was born in 1990 and it’s the result of a casual meeting between Mr Verter Paccagnella owner of the Comapny Euroaquarium, who was looking for an agricultural grounds on which built up a greenhouse for the growing of aquatic plants, and Mr Marino Castaldini, Maurizio Castaldini’s father, founder and owner of the Company Anubias.

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  • Interzoo 2012

    Anubias Take a look at our new Invitro range !! Special thanks to Georg Werner Just for the video    

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