In Vitro plants

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In vitro aquascaping: be different

Tissue culture (T/C) is a way to obtain perfect, sterile clones of a plant thanks to in vitro conditions, from a very small piece of a mother plant.
Since 2009, Anubias company is the leader of T/C aquarium plants, with the largest assortments of
species available on the market, now offered in three distinct lines of products: Linea cup, Linea Tube and Linea Carpet.
T/C cultured plants are the best solution for many problems, for the aquarium enthusiasts and for the trad:

Benefit for the aquarist:

◊   The availability of plants generally avoided by plant nurseries, because difficult to grow emerged
◊   Many T/C cultured species start growing very promptly once in a tank, faster than potted plants grown emerged
◊   T/C plants are pesticide-free
◊   T/C plants are algae spores-free
◊   T/C plants don’t carry Lemna sp., snails, Hydra and any other unwanted organism
◊   T/C plants are rockwool–free, so no contaminants or mechanic threats are carried into the tank
◊    Reasonable price


 Benefit for the trade:

◊    T/C plants can maintain their quality for months in a shop, with sufficient light.
◊    T/C plants don’t need any facilities to be stored, so every shop can store them with out problems.
◊    Packaging of T/C plants is generally very nice and attractive and show many more information than a normal label for potted plants.
◊    The presence of a barcode on the packaging.
◊    The availability of plants generally avoided by plant nurseries, because difficult to grow emerged.
◊    The possibility to sell delicate plants, generally difficult to store and to handle when potted.

General benefit:

◊    T/C plants are environmentally friendly, since free of any pesticide
◊     T/C plants are very useful to preserve endangered but popular species, since they help to avoid collection of wild specimens.

Here you can find a nano tank 100% in vitro:

1 Day

1 day

We start to plant our small portion of cup by helping as tweezers after washing them with agar.

6 day

Even after the first week we will see that our aquarium start to grow.

34 Days

After 1 month of grow we will have an amazing aquarium just with the Anubias cup!

Enjoy your aquarium!!