Aquascaping Event – Göteborg/Hisingen Svezia

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Aquascaping Event presso  Hornbach in Göteborg/Hisingen Svezia sponsored by ANUBIAS.

Christian Brams, Swedish aquascaper

together with the aquarium staff of the Department of Hornbach in Gothenburg, has set up an aquarium of 640 litres using only aquatic mosses Line Cup and epiphytic plants such as:

Anubias barteri var. nana, Microsorum pt. "narrow leaf" and Bolbitis heudelotii.


Plants tie with a nylon wire were placed in a natural way towards the decorative elements in the tank; rocks and natural woods recreate a "naturally wild" layout of great impact. The choice of plants, all simple and with a medium-slow growth, make this aquarium a sample layout that can last over  time and that requires just an intervention of a few minutes every 20 days.