• The Art of Planted Aquarium – Hannover 25 – 27 January 2013

      Oliver Knott took part also this year to the contest, held in Hannover - Germany, where more than 30 aquascapers have created aquatic landscapes where plants and decorations were the leading element subjected to the judgment of the international jury. Year after year the competition has increased the number of participants and also the level of originality and creativity of aquascapers has improved. The quality of the plants, their colours and their sizes have been expertly blended ...

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  • Aquascaping Event – Göteborg/Hisingen Svezia

    Aquascaping Event presso  Hornbach in Göteborg/Hisingen Svezia sponsored by ANUBIAS. Christian Brams, Swedish aquascaper together with the aquarium staff of the ...

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  • Oliver Knott

    Linea in Vitro by Anubias    The new Linea Tube by Anubias   Linea Cups from Anubias introduce by Oliver Knott     Iwagumi for beginners by Oliver Knott    

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  • In Vitro plants

    In vitro aquascaping: be different Tissue culture (T/C) is a way to obtain perfect, sterile clones of a plant thanks to in vitro conditions, from a very small piece of a mother plant. Since 2009, Anubias company is the leader of T/C aquarium plants, with the largest assortments of species available on the market, now offered in three distinct lines of products: Linea cup, Linea Tube ...

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  • New line “Tube”

    Life and color for the aquarium an aquarium rich in colours, thank to the so-colled stem plants,is the goal of the enthusiast. Unfotunately, many beautiful plants arerarely available on the market, because their cultivation is very difficult for the Companies specialized in aquatic plants. Linea Tube by Anubias is a new in-vitro line conceived to solve this problem, in order to supply at the enthusiasts beautiful but rare plants: they grow under sterile conditions, which guarantee ...

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