• New line “Carpet”

    Linea Carpet of Anubias, few minutes and...the carpet!! A lush carpet of plants in the foreground of the tank is a dream for many enthusiast, but this can remain a mirage for most of them because of the lack of time. Linea Carpet by Anubias simplifies everything: the ready-to-use, sterile mats of plants and mosses can be placed directly into the tanks, realizing in few minutes a perfect carpet of plants. The ...

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  • Company profile

    Company profile The Company Anubias was born in 1990 and it’s the result of a casual meeting between Mr Verter Paccagnella owner of the Comapny Euroaquarium, who was looking for an agricultural grounds on which built up a greenhouse for the growing of aquatic plants, and Mr Marino Castaldini, Maurizio Castaldini’s father, founder and owner of the Company Anubias.

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  • Interzoo 2012

    Anubias Take a look at our new Invitro range !! Special thanks to Georg Werner Just for the video    

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