Supra in NP+

Supra in NP+: Depot fertilizer in form of capsules containing N and P (for slow, long term release). For use in advanced planted aquariums with a very intense plant growth, and advanced plant aquariums with a very limited number of fish.


One should use Supra in NP+ if the plants which are rooted in the bottom layer grow very slowly, and show the following deficiency symptoms:

  • The oldest leaves turn pale, wither, and fall off (nitrogen deficiency).
  • The stem plants grow extremely compact, the plants which are ‘normally’ green form reddish stems and leaves, and the oldest leaves wither and fall off (phosphorus deficiency).


How to use: In the single plant groups, press Supra in NP+ capsules into the gravel with a distance of 10cm between each capsule (maximum 1 capsule per 20litre aquarium water per month).



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