Supra NP+

Supra NP+: Liquid fertilizer containing N and P (immediate effect). For advanced planted tanks with very intense plant growth and limited number of fish. 


Use if plants not rooted in the bottom layer grow very slowly, and show following deficiency symptoms:

  • Mosses, Riccia, and the oldest leaves of Microsorum, Anubias, and Bolbitis turn pale and wither (nitrogen deficiency).
  • The leaves of Anubias, Bolbitis, and Microsorum turn very dark and stiff with short stems. Stems turn purple (especially in Bolbitis), the oldest leaves wither. Riccia and mosses turn unusually dark and compact, mosses get red/ purple tips (phosphorus deficiency).


How to use: Add 1 ml per 20litre per week. Increase to 1 ml per 10litre after 3 weeks if the plants still show deficiency symptoms. Increase again after 3 weeks if necessary, etc. Depending on growth rate, it may be necessary to add up to 3 ml per 10litre per week. (In extremely fast-growing tanks even more). Judge final dosage from the plants’ continued development as extremely damaged leaves never recover completely.


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